Friday, November 11, 2011

Good Eats Friday: Lugano (& kinda sort Chef's Table)

After Andrew graduated from SLC FD recruit camp we went to celebrate. And just like the time we celebrated the opportunity and his acceptance of the job we went to eat somewhere we usually wouldn't go (aka it's expensive). We simmered things down just a little bit this time, however. And I just realized I never wrote about that experience and well, I need to brag a little. When they called Andrew and offered the position and he accepted we headed to a restaurant called Chef's Table. Those of you who have lived in   Utah Valley definitely know this place. We happily racked up a $100 bill, aahhh, I think everyone needs to do that at least once. It was ah-mazing.

Anyway, brag sesh over...sorta. Lugano. It's this great Italian restaurant near our home. The food was delicious and the lighting was romantic, making our photos not so romantic. Also, there is some great people watching here. We saw the cutest old couple, when they were settled in and had ordered the husband then took out his hearing aids! Ha ha, I thought it was pretty funny thinking he was trying to ignore his wife or something...but no. I ended up turning my own hearing aids off too. The only downfall I see to Lugano is how loud it is. You can hear what is going on in the kitchen and everyone in the room is trying to talk over one another. Other than that, it's great.

husband - spaghetti, shrimp, muscles, clams

me - special of the day, red snapper with broccoli and baby potatoes

p.s. Happy Veteran's Day ya'll, go out and hug a serviceman/woman. They are and were so willing to put their lives in danger to fight for our country.

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