Friday, December 9, 2011

Good Eats Friday - The Dodo

I have heard lots of great things about The Dodo here in Salt Lake City, so of course I had to go! We were originally told to go for the dessert but I wanted the whole shebang. Unfortunately, it was not all I thought it was to be. Sad day! I believe it may have been too hyped up for me and once we got there we had not so great service (I think our poor waiter was new), I ordered a soup that was cold (purposely, but I hadn't realized until it was in my mouth) and the food just wasn't up to par. Sooo, by that point I pretty much just wanted to go to 7-11 and get an always tasty Slurpee and we skipped out on dessert. But I am thinking we will go back for it someday. The Toll House pie really is supposed to be amazing. The food was alright, just not what I was expecting, sorry Dodo lovers! I may have to give it another try.

husband - shrimp margarita pasta & a seafood soup

Me - Smoked Turkey Sandwich & cold veggie soup that I forgot the name of

It wasn't terrible, I promise you, I just didn't have the greatest first experience. Minus eating all of Andrew's soup.......


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