Friday, December 2, 2011

Good Eats Friday - Moochies

Andrew and I found Moochies while we were out home shopping. As it turns out, Moochies is another place featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

I am not a cheesesteak person...but it was very good! I got the special and it was something like spicy pulled pork, and it was super spicy! I don't remember what Andrew got...but the fries (we all know I'm a sucker for good fries) were those double fried type making them super crispy and they had special sauces at the table. I didn't love my sandwich, but I would definitely go back to Moochies to try something new!


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  1. It always amazes me that people in Utah have no taste buds. They see something different and automatically like it because it is a different twist on "bland".
    "Utah" being the operative word. Go anywhere else where ethnic food is and you'll experience "flavor".
    Moochies is totally running off the free advertising of Guy Fieri. Because it's a "Dive"& all unsuspecting Utahans drop $2.00/inch for their bad food. I just don't get it. Oh! I do we're in Utah.

    Mike Tribble ,Sandy,"Utah"


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