Friday, December 23, 2011

Good Eats Friday - Red Rock Brewing Company

Red Rock Brewing Company has 3 locations in Utah and we visited the Salt Lake restaurant. We went with our friends Jennifer and Marcel after our fun filled day{link} at Boondocks. Our wait time wasn't too horrible even though it was super crowded, but hey, that's a good sign, right? We were seated at a table by the door so each time it opened we were blasted with cold air. I shivered through dinner. And my chair was right below the table above us pretty much putting my hair in their food...but really, it was fine, seating just wasn't great. I think our waitress was new as she hadn't tried much on the menu and wasn't able to give us any suggestions, it happens.

husband - spicy italian sausage grinder

me - cod fish and chips
Andrew said I need more variety. I have eaten fish and chips at pretty much every restaurant we have eaten at lately, maybe it's becoming a favorite food? I had no complaints about my meal and Andrew had  just one: his sandwich was just a little bit dry. I really should have taken photos of Jennifer and Marcel's food and have them share their thoughts...but maybe Jennifer can add something here ;)


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  1. Lol! I had the parmesan chicken with marinara sauce and it was DeLiCiOuS!! It also came with some garlic bread that was super tasty too! Marcel had the deep fried shrimp which he had no complaints about! Great time with great friends! I wouldn't mind going again if we got a different seat!


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