Friday, March 30, 2012

Good Eats Friday - Gracie's

Gracie's has been getting a lot of hype lately with a lot of radio advertising and apparently it's a hang out spot for some firemen and cops. On St. Patrick's Day we stopped in to eat with some friends and listen to the local bagpipes group perform. It was an extremely loud atmosphere, but I didn't expect anything otherwise. Our waitress disappeared for a time, a long time, when we wanted our Andrew had to hunt her down. Anyway, Andrew and I really enjoyed our food, our friends did not. One of them ordered the shepherd's pie and said it was horrible. I was okay to leave as I was beginning to feel stressed in the environment, but maybe that's just because it was a holiday. I did like the place, but I wasn't sad to leave.

andrew - macaroni and cheese

me - blackened salmon with fresh mozzarella and the soup du jour

Yes, I ordered the soup du jour. And yes, I did ask our waitress what the soup du jour was and I wish she would have answered "soup of the day", but I did throw in the "I'll have that". Finally.

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