Monday, April 16, 2012

Back from New York and into a new home!

I feel like I have been absent for a long time on this blog! And here is why: I spent the last week in New York City with family and---

Andrew and I bought our first house! We are not in your typical first home buyer category, we bought a duplex! We will be living in one side and renting out the other. Hello landlording (it's a word I have just now created). Question: am I a landlady?

Anyway, we currently don't have Internet (or water! Ahh!) so I am blogging from my handy dandy iPhone. Once we are a little more settled in and not living out of boxes anymore, I will share with you my trip to New York!


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  1. So excited for you! I told Andrew that Steve and I bought our first home when we were 22 or so and it was a duplex! It was a good investment as long as you like your neighbor :) You are in my old neighborhood too. I lived on just a few blocks from there during high school. Have fun! Hope to see your home sometime.


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