Friday, July 20, 2012

Good Eats Friday - Cafe Bella Rue

Cafe Bella Rue takes the cake, or should I say gelato, for being one of our new favorite restaurants. Located just west of Salt Lake City in the new SoDa Row shopping center of Daybreak, Cafe Bella Rue is a wonderful change for delicious food. When we here in Utah think of Italian food we often think of heavy creams and pastas from many chain franchised restaurants. Cafe Bella Rue serves up fresh, light (but filling!) sandwiches, soups, salads, calzones and pizzas, along with a massive variety of gelato and drink options. For our meal with friends we couldn't quite decide what we wanted so we each received a sampler of four sandwiches along with Italian sodas, caffeine free frappe, and a bannaberry smoothie. They were truly amazing! I can honestly say I have never had anything like these sandwiches. Andrew's favorite - the Ferrari, my favorite - the Maserati (clever names, right?). I have also never enjoyed an Italian soda so much as I did this night. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and you can tell it is definitely a favorite of many.

After our meal the owner, Robert, shared with us his amazing selection of gelato and sorbetto. Not only is it the largest I have ever seen, but it was the best tasting I have ever had. I was so full from dinner and the delicious Italian sipping chocolate (another must-have) but there is always room for gelato. You can tell Cafe Bella Rue truly cares about Italian tradition and serving up the best. We will absolutely be going back for more.

the boy's gelato

the girl's version

so happy with their giant gelato cones!
For those of you who are debating making the drive to Daybreak, just do it. You certainly won't regret the food at Cafe Bella Rue along with all the great shopping around and weekly events in the area. I know I will be back often not just because of the delicious food, but because we discovered the little shop next door, Oopsie Daisy, has the most adorable baby stuff, Andrew was already trying to pull me away! Friends, go to Cafe Bella Rue for real, and when do you give us a call and we'll go with you.

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