Friday, March 8, 2013

Good Eats Friday - The Copper Onion

We went to The Copper Onion with our friends quite some time ago, so long ago that I was newly pregnant! I couldn't skip over this restaurant though so we're going back in time assuming nothing has changed since then!

The Copper Onion was the place to go when it first opened. I kept hearing about it and how hard it was to get reservations. It was hard to get reservations! I think we made them at least a week in advance! I would love to go back, but it is a bit pricey.

The thing that is so unique about this place is that they make just about everything fresh in the restaurant. It was fun to watch the chefs prepare your order or throw another person's fish on the grill. I love that The Copper Onion uses so many local resources for their meals. They have a list on their website of the local and sustainable purveyors they currently use.

Our waitress suggested we order the steak fries as a starter. We were glad we did, too! The fries were hot and sprinkled with parmesan and herbs.

Andrew ordered the Pasta Carbonara. He said it was delicious. All I know is it sure smelled good but I couldn't have any at the time because of the raw egg!

I ordered braised lamb shortribs. This is an item I don't see on the menu anymore, which is a bummer because it was delicious! I honestly have not heard any complaints about the menu items here. I have heard, however, the Copper Onion burger is so, so good. If you go, or have already gone, let me know what you think!

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  1. umm girl, that looks amazing!! those steak fries! ahh love steak fries :)

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