Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Eats Friday - Lucky 13

Andrew had heard a lot of good things about Lucky 13, so we finally tried it out with some friends and I am so glad we did. The atmosphere is great and so is the food! You will find lots of unique artwork on the walls and a stuffed boars head above the door when you walk in. Lucky 13 is a bar so you must be 21 to go in. I feel like a lot of people are nervous to go in pubs if they don't drink, but we have found some of the best food in pubs!

Bacon Chicken Ranch Wrap with Onion Rings
Buffalo Chicken Wrap with Fried Pickles
We hear the burgers here are fantastic! Next time we go we will definitely try them out, I'm kind of sad we didn't the first time. Lucky 13 focuses on using fresh, local ingredients and make everything from scratch. And you know how I love that ;)

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  1. Mmmm... yummy... You keep reminding me of places that I still need to try!


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