Friday, February 21, 2014

Good Eats Friday - Michelangelo Ristorante

We have passed Michelangelo Ristorante several times while on Highland Drive in Salt Lake City. Initially for some weird reason both Andrew and I thought it was a furniture store seeing only the name Michaelangelo...that and it seems that part of Highland is full of furniture stores. Anyway, we finally decided to stop in and give it a try and I am glad we did.

Reading the reviews on Urbanspoon and other sites gave us mixed reviews, however, we were pleased with our food and service. The menu was less expensive than I expected which is always a nice surprise. When I spotted gnocchi on the menu I was pretty excited, I have never had it and always wanted to give it a try. It might be my new favorite pasta! The Italian sodas didn't disappoint either, Andrew ordered one and while I've always thought they were gross (the thought of soda and cream mixed together, ew), tried his and actually enjoyed it.

strawberry Italian soda and delicious bread to dip in oil!

spaghetti carbonara

gnocchi gorganzola
Michelangelo Ristorante offers salads, pastas including gnocchi and ravioli, meat dishes, seafood dishes, many pizzas and of course desserts! So many delicious options!

Michelangelo Ristorante on Urbanspoon

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE gnocchi! oh my it was one of my favorite parts about Italy and I think it may have helped win me over as my favorite place I visited! I'm going to have to go try this place out! I always thought it would be way way to pricey for my chick fil a budget, hahahah. so good to know! place my new favorite thing right now are italian sodas! they are dreamy!! what a great find. thanks for the tip!

  2. I'm a new Michaelangelo's fan! I went there for my birthday this past Wednesday and was very pleasantly surprised. Like you, I also kept seeing it as we drove by but always wondered what it'd be like. I wasn't a big fan of what I ordered but the artichoke dip we got as an appetizer was EXQUISITE! The endless bread was delish too.

    Thanks for your suggestions! I'll make sure to try them out next time. (And Italian sodas are way good, huh :)?)


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